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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  November 11, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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tribute to the men and women who put their lives on the line to serve ou country, a man with a gun attack women preparing to serve our veterans at the american legion in branny wine, maryland. the women were beaten, handcuffed and robbed. that didn't deter them from their mission. derrick ward is in brandy wine with the story first reported on news4. >> reporter: there has been an american legion post here in brandywine since t early 1950s. and there are some members that were around for the early days but none can remember anything like what happened this morning happening before. they may be surprised by that but not the fact that this post opened. the victim came back and served the veteran. they say that is the true spirit of this place. it is a day we set aside to honor ose who served their country. but someone figured it was a good day to rob them. >> i don't know why they picked today. >> reporter: allison has come to post 227 early. she was bringing in food and about to lay a wreath at the
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flagpole will. >> i was accosted by a gentleman with agun. he had it to my face. knock the wreath out of my hand. beat me to the ground. >> reporter: she yelled for another woman who was inside. >> she came out and jumped on his back and threw her coffee on him. and tried to get him off me. >> reporter: the on demand managed to overpower the two women and take them inside and handcuff them. a third woman showed up. she, too, was held. >> he just kept running around. where's the money? >> the suspect fled and one of the victim' vehicles, that vehicle was found a short distance and a short time hear. >> reporter: the suspect was gone. the victims were taken to the hospital and treated for scrapes and bruises and one for a head wound. after being pstol whipped. but what it wasn't beaten was their resilience and determination. >> we came back from the hospital. the other lady jumped in. we're trying to keep everybody
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going for our vs. >> reporter: a 40-year member was shock that it happened today. >> i don't know if you blame it on the economy or who are you going to blame it on? you can't blame it on us. >> i'm going to remain open-minded and i will pray for the person who did this. we're told the gunman became apologetic but he still robbed them. they say that doesn't deter them from their mission and showing up at this post to honor the veterans. back to you. >> okay. thank you, derrick. there were ceremonies all over the country and the world today to remember our men and women in uniform. crowds gathered at the vietnam wall for the annual veterans day ceremony there. a small ceremony was health at the world war i memorial on the mall. president obama was halfway acrosshe world in south koreaa attending the g-20 economic summit there. he spent part of his day with 28,000 u.s. troops at an army base in seoul.
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>> we recall acts of uncommon braufry and selflessness. weemember honoring those who served is about more than the words we say on veterans day or memorial day. it is about how we treat our veterans every single day of the year. >> this morning vice presidential biden '38 wreath the tomb of the unknown soldier. during his speech he emphasized the obama's administration's commitment to expanding funding and services t veterans. in afghanistan, senator john mccain led a congressional delegation at a memorial service at the u.s. embassy in kabul. they met with u.s. troops. the senators also held meetings with afghan president hamid karzai. mccain who was a former war veteran and prisoner of war said it was an hon for him to be in afghanistan with the troops on
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veterans day. a peagon study has found the military don't ask don't tell policy could probably be lifted with no major ramifications. two sources told the "washington post," the study found that having gays serve openly in the military would result in few ricks to the current war effort. 115,000 service members returned the study. the inigue regarding the russian spy ring just reached another level. a double agent may have help u.s. intelligence official uncover the ring. that word first came today in a russian newspaper. it reported that one of moscow's top level supervisors turned out to ba traitor who betrayed at leasten russian spies. the agent was identified only as the colonel. the newspaper reported the double agent sneak out of russia and defected to the u.s. back in june days before the fbi announced the russian spy ring
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arrest. that russian newspaper attributed to it an unnamed kremlin official. a man from loudoun county is calling on air traveers to protest body scanners. he wants that ptest to be health on one of the busiest travel days of the year. his name is rian. he created opt out in order to encourage travelers to refuse to go through body scan orders thanksging eve. he is calling it an act of civil disobedience. if travelers opt out of the body scanners, they'll have to go through new ehanced pat-down. he wants both security checks to get more scrutiny. >> i think it is an unreasonable sech. i don't theovernment has the right to be able the see under anyone's clothe that's they want. i thinthat's a very unreasonable measure. >> he ultimately hopetravel letters write airline and congress to voice their frustration about the body
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scanners. doors closed on a mother as she tried board a metro train with a stroller and her baby. the train took off with the baby inside and the mother outside on the platform. one passenger who helped reunite them was upset about how they handle the situation. >> reporter: barbara runion has been riding metro since the 1970s but yesterday was the first time she had ever seen a woman get sepated from her infan in a stroller. runion said the woman had pushed the stroller on to the met below the doors closed. >> this mother was with a baby stroller attempted to board the train. she got the baby stroller in the train. the door slammed on the mother. and the mother was le stranded at the platform. >> reporter: iwas just before 8:00 in the morning. some commuters notified th train operator through the intercom that there was a baby on board without the mom. >> the only thing she said to us was, okay. as if someone had left a back on the metro seat or something.
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we're talking about a human being. a little baby here. no emotion. nothing. >> reporter: meantime train with the baby was headed to d.c. surrounded by strangers. e next stop was' totten. riders goff off with the baby and went to employees. thchild was watched by the metro police until mom got there. >> not one dime the train operator come back to us via the intercom and that we have metro police waiting for you >> reporter: the mom hopped on to the next train and was reunited with her baby. they said the train did nothing wrong. sh she couldn't get the baby off and she couldn't get herself on. >> reporter: metro officials say the operator did handle the situation correctly and that the mom has not filed a complaint. darcy spencer, news4. passengers on that carnival cruiseship splendor have quite a story to tell. tugboats pull that disable ship
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into port 98 san diego four days after it lost power. now they're showing their home video of their experiences. this is home video that was just released on the morning of november 8. you can hear the crew trying to assure passenger. il they know it was just the beginning of an unforgettable voyage. >> reporter: passenger '39 decks, cheer and waiting as the disabled ship pull into san diego harbor. >> as i was boding the ladder to get on the ship, there were a few passenger out there cheering us on. and they're happy to see us. >> reporter: after four daunng days at sea they ft with nightmares instead of memories of a happy vacation. >> it was deplorable conditions.
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the toilets were overflowing. >> reporter: mock the biggest complains, food. >> it was gross. we waited two to three hours. they were doing the best that they could. >> there was no rerefrigeration. it was basically salad and vegetables. some fruit, warm milk. >> reporter: the ship left long beach on sun for a seven-day cruise to the mexican riviera but a fire left the ship disabled without power. >> they did towing keep everybody calm. >> reporter: passenger had no air conditioning, no hot food and no phone service. passengers like this navy veteran and his wife said the inconvenience won'keep them from cruising in the future. >> it was wonderful. i enjoyed it. >> a great sense of humor. >> i went to relax and that's exactly what i did. >> reporter: carnival cruise line official said they are proud of their crew and the passenger for ndling the situation so well under t
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circumstance. >> there was never a moment where our crew or our guests were in harm's way though it was not a comfortable cruise for anyone. we recognize. that. >> reporter: carnival cruise lines are not sure how many of the passenger will take them up on the offeror a fre future voge. >> the national transportation safety board said it will investigate that fire. coming up, therier charged with intent to commit murder o a road ra incident. cellhone video that caught a high basketball coach using a weight lifting belt to whip one of his players. new ideas on how to cut the federal budget deficit including delaying retirement ages and cutting military spending. if you liked today's weather, it will only get better as we head into the weekend. i'll show you how warm it may get. >> reporter: coming up in
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a federalawsuit has been filed against the coach shown on cell phone video, whipping one of his players. the incident happened at the high school in jack, mississippi, in a written apology, the first year head coach claim his actions were punishment for bad behavior. the whippings allegedly have been going on since september e players say they did not report them for fear of being kicked off the basketball team. the coach's punishment for his sanctions 28 days suspension without pay. kanye west revisit ad controversial moment on this morning's "today" show. west was questioned about the time he implied the former president george w. bush was a racist. back then the rapper was criticizing the federal government's response to hurricane katrina. he said he has made mistake and has grown as a person. >> i would tell george sh, in
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my moment of frustration, that i didn't have the grounds to call him a racist. >> mr. bush has called it one of the worst moments of his presidency. after the ow west posted on twitter, he felt mt lauer tried to force his answers. president obama's bipartisan commission on the deficit is coidering some drastic steps to elum nature deficit. the recommendations include higher taxes, a later retirement age, and major cuts in government services. it is considered so explosive it was kept under wraps until after the election. >> reporter: the deficit commission story hit without warning. a battle to cut our deficit. a bolton bold move on tax and spending. >> i set this up because i'm prepared to make some tough decisions. >> reporter: this korea,
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president obama said he alone can't erase all our red ink. >> the only way to make those tough choices historically has been if both parties are willing to move forward together. >> reporter: the deficit commission saying the o ways won't work. >> wean't tax our way out of this problem. and we can't cut our wa out of this problem. >> reporter: what is proposed is a combination. the plan could cut defense spending. hike tax by eliminating the mortgage deduction. cut social security cost of living hike, raise the retirement age gradually to 68, and hike what we pay for medicare. >> a lot of this is politically red hot. they are touching about every third rail in american politics. >> reporter: our or citize toward sacrifice. >>f it ends u being more money out of my paycheck, so be it. >> its scary to think about it. >> reporter: the political guessing is later.
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>> it is bigger and harder than anything and that's why it is probably not going to get done in the next two years. >> reporter: but a key house republicann board. >> this is a serious impressive effort. they're taking this very seriously. >> reporter: and barack oma has his next b challen. in theory it is perfect for this president who says he still wants bipartisan cooperation. in this era of the tea party, and its focusn balancing the budget. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. comi up, book listed on amazon's website offered advice to pedophiles. some cooks crashed into a gun store and started grabbing rifles off the shelv. as we travel the capital beltway, a little volume.
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we do have delays that start to stack up. not through silver spring. nountil you make your approach toward college par that you'll be on the break. most of that will be focused on the exit for 95. as we travel along 95 out of virginia, no problems out of springfield. this is not something we see very often. you do have a little company through stafford into fredericksburg but you would be hard pressed to find delays along 95.
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a controversial ebook that offers advice to pedophiles is no longer for sale on thousands have teatened to boycott amazon if it continues to sell the pedophiles' guide to love and pleasure. amazon had refused to pull the digital ok citing the first amendment. today people trying access the book got a message staying website is not a functional page. it is not clear whether the website pull the book or the you aor with drew it. the police in kentucky are looking for a suspect. e stolen car ran through the front window in electilexington kentucky this morning. three guys grabbed eight gun and drove off. they estimate the total damage including the cost of the stolen firearms is more than $36,000. was it snowing in electilex?
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>> snowing in denver, snowing in cheyenne. for us, nothing. >> nothing is going on in the weather, that's a pretty good thing out there especially when you consider on veterans day like this. look at this. i love this shot. he's just running, running and running. out there toward the capital. one thing, he gets a little bit far. come go on, mom. keep uphere just a little bit. a lot of people out there enjoying the fantastic weather. we've seen nothing but sunshine er the last couple days. that sunshine is going to continue so you will see scenes like this right on through the week. we are really looking at a ntastic weather pattern. that weather pattern is going to stay just like the over the next couple days. outside, the sun is down. it is dark outside. the tempatures are fallg. the high temperature today, once
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again in the 60s. nearly five degrees above average. low this morning of 32. we'r starting out on the cool side. we warm up very, very nely in the afternoon. last area for veterans day, we had nearly an inch of rain and 30-mile-an-hour winds. not a good day at all last year. we needed veterans day this area to be a lot better and that's what we've seen. and of course, null 87. e veterans day tomorrow where the airport received over a foot of snow. today, beautiful. 55 degrees outside. dew point of 28. winds out of the north at abo six miles an hour. we are going to go down as f as the temperature are concerned. and already down to 43 in frederick. this is the type of atmosphere en it is very, very dry. we can go very high in the afternoon into the upper 60s. well above average. and then fall by 30 degrees. any time it is that dry, that's the kind of fluctuation you can have. and 43 in frederick after a high in the 63-degree rarng. down toward manassas, 45.
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quaunlco, 45 degrees. and across the eastern portions of the nation, 50 in boston. that was the high temperature. that storm system still affecting the boston area. we're not being affect by it. 63 degrees here. but look to the west. in cincinnati. 78 in st. louis. that warmer sarah trying to push in here and i think we will get a little taste of that warmer air in time for saturday and sunday. just in time for the week. there's that area of low pressure that has been sitting and spinning. this huge ridge of high pressure has been just off to the west. but it is starting to nose into the area and will connue to do so over the next 24 to 48 hours. that will continue to give us clear skies and men of sunshine. back to the west. that's the big storm that i was talking about. it is producing some snow back into portions of northern colorado and portions of western nebraska. nice weather across our region. the high pressure will be moving in overnight into the day tomorrow. that mean more sun. that means more weather. fantastic friday. as i mentioned, the week looking good and then we'll see a
6:25 pm
pattern change. this is the next storm system that will move through during the day on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. that will bring through huge shift in our patterns and we'll get a lot cooler as we head into next week. the lows tonight, down to abo 48. 40 inside the beltway. 38 in fredericksburg. again, it is going to be a rather cool night. a cool morning. notice annapol and saint mary's. because of that nor easterly flow, we will stay warm we are a low of about 47. saint mary's, also in the mid to upper 40s overnight. tomorrow morning, clear skies. a chilly start. 28 in some of the coldest areas to about 40 in the beltway. winds at five to ten milesn hour. as we move through the day tomorrow, a fantastic friday. another great day. light winds with highs between and i 64 degrees. with more nshine as well. with that northeast windthe same areas, like annapolis, it will be a little warmer. it will be a little cool we are highs in the upper 50s toward the east. look at that forecast. is that not good or what?
6:26 pm
66 on saturday. 67 on sunday. we see a slightchance of a shower. that's not the main system. it will come on tuesday into wednesday. and it will bring us a good chance of rain. maybe some heavy rain on tuesday night into wednesday. and it will change thing up big time. we'll move fwoo 50s. maybe not the 50s, neighbor wer 50s. some areas struggling to get out of the 40s next week. so enjoy this great weather. coming up, a muslim woman claim she was denied access to a store. one driver shot at another one that he tried pass on the bw parky. metro inspections. and using a special baby formula might lower a child's rick for diabetes. coming up in sport, solving the riddle of the redskins'
6:27 pm
running game. and donavan mcnabb on remaining calm amidst the storm. and john wall get a place in the history books.
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police are looking for the man who attack three women this morning. the victim were pistol whipped, handcuffed and robbed at the american legion post in wranywine. they've been treated and released. a metro rider is upset after seeing a metro door separate her mother and her baby. one witness says the train operator didn't act quickly enough. metro officials say the train operator did nothing wrong. the mother has not filed a complaint. president obama's commission on the deficit is considering some drastic steps to eliminate the budget deficit. the recommendations include cutting 10% of gornment workers, slashing military spending, elittle naturing tax breaks or o'mortgage interest and a higher retirement age. a silver spring man is facing serious charge after a case of road rage over the week. it started west of the
6:31 pm
baltimore-washington parkway. it ended east of the parkway. >> reporter: a case of road rage. it didn't happen friday night after the bars were closed. or rush hour when people were in a hurry to get from here to there. this happen last sunday afternoon when many people are still in church. we're seeing a rural second quarter of powder mill road. this is w police and sources tell this story. the suspects drive in this car. he tries to pass the victim but he can't get by. the victim's car come to a stop. the suspect pulls up alongside. he start yelling at the victim and hits his rear view mirror. it doesn't stop there. he keep driving down the road. calls police to report the incident. he sees it on the side of the
6:32 pm
road. he sees the suspect's car. the shots are fired and it is all recorded on the 911 cal police track down the inspect and found him inside his car, outside his apartment. here in silver spring. they charged him with knowingly drivinan uninsured vehicle. driving a vehicle on a highwa without a proper registration fee. operating a vehicle on the highway with a dangerous or altere bumper. failure to display a registration card on demand. oh, yeah. and they charged him with assault with intent to kill for that road rage incident on powder mill. what did we learn from this incident? >> road rage can happen any time in any location.
6:33 pm
it doesn't have to happen when you may think that it would be typical. >> reporter: the suspect identified is 47-year-old andrew dunn. he is being held in custody pending if you are court action in the case. prorkz county. >> no one was injured in that incident. prince george's county police are looking for a man who allegedly tried to rob an officer at gunpoint. it happened on green belt road ar the goddard space flight center. a man approhed the office we are a gun and dmanlded his wallet. the officer drew his own gun and the two exchanged fire. the suspect ran away. he is not clear if he was struck. the officer who was not hurt has been placed o administrative leave. and they're talking about a novel way to bring heroin into the area. it was discovered on large buons on dresses. a package containing dresses originated in the philippines
6:34 pm
and was headed to an address in baltimore. the buttons held50 grams of hair win wore $650,000. they uncod the operation that ended in the arrest of two men. metro's general manager said the operator should have paid more tang. you have this found bad brakes. the inspections were prompted by an escalator accident that jured several people at the l'enfant plaza last month. an independent report done before that incident also showed many escalator brake problems. metro hopes to complete work on the system's 580 escalators by the end ofhe week. a local muslim woman said she was the victim of religious discrimination. she says the convenience store in virginia refused to serve her unless she roved her head scarf. the store says it was not based
6:35 pm
on her religious beliefs but because the security camera used to reduce crime needs to see the faces of store customers. chris gordon has our report. >> reporter: it happen at this fast mart in fredericksburg, virginia, on tuesday mopping. she speaks she was refused service when she tried to make a cash purchase. the cashier asked me to remove my scarf from my hair and i had explained to her that i wear it for th sake o god. for the sake of allah. she will me that, well, you have to remove it for our safety and security reasons. >> did you explain toer that you couldn't do that? >> yes, i did. >> what did she say? >> she said the camera can't see your face. and i had moved it back aittle so she can see the line of my hair. and she wouldn't sell me anything out of store. and i felt discriminated against. >> she contacted care.
6:36 pm
>> we've approached the company to investigate this matter. and to possibly reprimand the clerk and offer an apology to this woman. >> i went into the fast mar and saw that other customers weren't asked to remove their headgear during checkout. were you asked to remove your hat when you made your purchase? >> no. >> when you made your purchase, were you asked to remove your hat for the camera? >> no. >> i called the fast mart corporate offices in richmond, virginia, and i was will by the general council that they are investigating the incident and reviewing all of the video from the cames inside the store. they issued a statement saying it finds the incident regrettable. it has the clearing in the incident penning if you are investigation, and itntend to ask c.a.r.e. to advise the training personnel. about sensitive issues dealing
6:37 pm
with the islamic communicate. this is chris gordon, news4. >> c.a.r.e. said it appreciates the strong statement issued but the woman tells news4 she's not satisfied. she said fast mart issued a news release but the company has not delivered a formal written apology. coming up, 50 cats. the comic strip offended so many people on veteran day that the creator is offering an apology. and we'll be right back. ♪
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a woman who owns50 cats is being forced to get rid of them. neighbors gab to complain about a really strong odor comingrom her two bedroom apartment in knock ciy. the woman said she started without only two cats. she said she didn't mean to become a hoarder. thorities planto remove the cats from her apartment in stages. they'll be taken to an animal shelter for adoption. wow! >> doug, give us an upda on the weather forecast. >> the weather forecast looks good out there over the next couple days a really, not much going on means great weather for just about everybody. most people praising the weather saying we love this kind of
6:41 pm
weather. some of you would like to see some rain. we've be fairly dry the next chance of rain will not be until the middle of next week. 55 degrees out there. the winds out of the north at six miles an hour. it is now down to 39 in frederick. very cool there. 43 in manassas. 47 down toward la plata. the temperaturesill drop quickly. 28 toward the frederick area. 40 in washington. 38 toward fredericksburg. tomorrow, the high temperatures going into the 60s across the area. >> a special formula for infants could lower their ruck for type one diabetes. researchers in finland studied more than 200 babs who had a parent or sibling diagnosed with up too one diabetes. half the infants were ven regular formula. the other half were given another one easier to digest. in comparison, the infacts had a got the special formula had half the risk of developing diabetes. a lot more research needs to be done on this but it is interesting. >> what have you got?
6:42 pm
>> a guy named john wall? >> especially not what he's doing on the court. johnson wall shows off in front of magic just a. also, donavan mcnabb faces the media to answer more questions about, guess what? his benching. and why is clinton portis suppor
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
11, ten, 12 days we're still talking about this? >> the way the situation was
6:45 pm
handled, that was not going to go away. it has gained more attract is what has happened. >> that's a shame. not because of him. he's been so cool. >> he h been so cool. i think this is a situation that everyby can relate to. it is like if you have a family disagreement. say you have a big trip coming up. the whole klan,maybe cruise where nobody can escape. instead of letting it fester, it is so much better to air the all out. it is very similar with the redskins this week. donavan mcnabb, he is still bothered by the benching but he know it is critical to keep the peace as monday night football approaches. so he'been discussing the issue with teammates. putting it out there in the open. mcnabb added that he a friendship with the offensive coordinator kyle shanan. but friendship won't keep you in the game. against the lions, benched at the two-minute offense because he hasn't been able to practi as much as coaches wanted hill to. the benching caused a buzz of speculation in various circle.
6:46 pm
the question is, have they lost confidence? he dealt with so much scrutiny. he's done he go he can toput it behind they will. and it is a necessity as the redskins get ready to face his former team once again. for mcnabb, put it this way. it hasn't been a boring two days >> well, it's been quite entertaining, i should say. from the talks to the reaction to thing of that nature. thankful for that. for me, at th point, it is really an opportunity for me to move on. >> i've done a good job this week getting ready to play. a the love distrks. we've fought through it and we're ready to go on. sometimes as i've said, you make decisions and feel in the best interests of your team. sometime you go with your gut. the bottom line is you make it and go on. hopefully we'll play our best football in the second half of
6:47 pm
thseason. >> this is football. this is football. we talked about the whole issue. we've kind of hashed out a lot of different things. so i just right now, i've been in this situation before. the whole deal is i'm going to treat it as such and focus on my job. >> a question for mike shanahan is, are you admitting the there that it was a mistake? it sounds luke he is saying if you read between t lines but i don't he would come out and say that officially. mcnabb though obviously has dealt with this scrutiny in philadelia. he was actually asked today if he's had conversations with annie ceived recei-- andy reid. >> this isild compared to what he had to de with. >> his wife will me she was a target. in philly, no shopping for mcnabb. moving on, the questions, the running back situation. this sun clinton portis will
6:48 pm
have been side lined six weeks. they thought he would be out four to six weeks after he was injured. mike shanahan said today, portis said he may have set himself ck in practice and he is very sore. shanahan told us before the bye week that he has to see a full week of practice from portis before he lets him play in a game. we'll see if he keeps his word. clinn portis hasn't played in the game since he was injured. it happen on this play. he sfered the third degree brain tear. it was a set back that was even more frustrating considering his recommit many and dedication to his role. he was finally able to get back out there on the sealed in practice this week. today he sat out. he was taking a few rests because of the soreness. it is faegting his ability to cut. he calls himself day to day but man, does he want to be out there. >> you about week nine, week ten of the football seaso you'llever be pain-free. i don't think there is anybody in the nfl who has played in the game and said i'm pain-free.
6:49 pm
i want to be ale to be stage. where it won't be a recurring issue next week. i don't know if i'm going to play against tennessee the following week. i'lle going through the same thing. when i step on the field, i want to be healthy enoug >> my prediction, i'm get go very casual here, i'm thing clinton portis will not be playing this week but i think we'll see ryan and probably williams. >> ryan is okay now? >> he is still day to day as well but i get the vibe that he's been out there. they're not saying it officially. he will be closer to a game time decision >> they're not all that deep in runningbacks. >> they got some problems. >> clinton portis is a very fashionable young guy. you may ask why he was wearing a philadelphia phillies hat when he talked today. maybe it was a little reverse psychologyr maybe he was just portis being portis. >> i just felt like wearing red today. it didn't have nothing to do with the phillies. i ft like wearing red today.
6:50 pm
this is the only outfit i had so i put it on. i don't have that. that's crazy that i don't have that. not in my locker or anything. >> i'm sure he took care of that problem right there with those rds. >> he's got one now. >> sometimes you think that the drama that the wizards went through last area was really woh it because of what they have right ow. last night against the houston rockets, john wall had 19 points, 13 assists, ten rebounds. with tt his fit career triple double. he became the second in career history to hit that milestone in at least six steals in his first six game. the other player to do that, magic johnson who just happen to be courtside as the guest of owners to watch it. john wall s been so much fun to watch. his first professional triple double on the night. the first quarter off the rockets. john wall grabs the rebound.
6:51 pm
john mcgee for the alley-oop. talk about tailor made. they were control early on and that was a good game to have a great one. magic johnson was sitting there courtside. second quarter we go. the wizards up by nine. they create theturnover. blatche picks it up. he gets to it john wall for the one-handed dunk. this play was incredible. it made national highlights all y long. wall had 9 points and you can see that's how good this team can be when they can execute. late in the fourth quarter, the wizards were up by three. pay close attention here. thtop of the screen. wall comes in. poke the ball from luis. pushesit, back to trailing black. up and in. part of the 10-0 run. the wizards win 98-91. 20-year-old wall, the third youngest to record a triple double said it was etty cool doing it in front of magic johnson.
6:52 pm
>> you watch the classic game. he is fun, you know. i like to have fun every game. at times, that's like a frustration game. they throw ball away and not give you the chance to win. focus on winning games. >> get your particulars now. this guy will be rookie of the year. >> they're so much fun to watch. >> they are. and it is good to see gilbert out there with wall. that's an interesting dynamic. coming up, a visit to one of the
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6:54 pm
6:55 pm
the comic shows this, that it wll be rename national stupid day if it was killed. garfield's creator said the trip has nothing to do with veterans day. his brother served in vietnam. s son served in iraq and afghanistan. davis called the strip bad timing and he has issued a formal apology to all veterans. >> all war memorial on the national mall are drawing crowds this veterans day. but most visitors probably missed one of the smallest and least known memorial. it is the deep sea world war memorial that honors local citizens who died in world war
6:56 pm
i. after yes of neglect, it is finally being restored. tom sherwood reports. >> world war one was sum reply known as the great war until world war ii came along. on thursday interesting 82nd airborne divisionlaced a recentut little known war memorial. i will honors the 499 district of columbia citizens who died in the great war. the name are alphabetical without regard to race, class or gender. dedicated november, 1931, 80 years ago, it had fallen into neglect and disrepair for decades until now. >> this is something we have boring on since 20 when it was first listed on our most endangered list. >> located on the national mall west of the newer world war ii memorial, the d.c. memorial is undergoing a $3 million park service renovation to its marble columns and walkways. they once were a gathering place for a community of events and
6:57 pm
weddings but mostly have slipped from the public's mine. >> it was one that hadallen into disrepair over the years. alst every communicate in america has this kind of memorial which lists the name. >> there are two laye of this stone. there is this outer layer. it is staying at the top and the middle is not so bad. >> reporter: jennifer from the park servi gave a special tour this veterans day for the d.c. preservation league and other groups that have fought to save the memorial so that new generations will appreciate it. tom sherwood, news4, washington. >> beautiful weather for veterans day. >> it really was. we had almost an inch of rain last year on this day. but today, beautiful with splen of sunshine. 63 degrees. the high temperature, can it get any better? the answer, yes it can. not just a little bit better. we're really looking at a fantastic weaning.
6:58 pm
it ion the cool side. look at fred ruck. only 39 degrees. manassas down to 43. many areas will cool off very quickly and down to about the 40-degree mark. a hey tomorrow of about 63. once again, 66 on your saturday. 67 on sun. i would not be surprised to see some areas near the 70-degree mark. especially to the south of the area. 63 on monday. d then here come our game changer on tuesday into wednesday. a pretty big storm moves in with the potential for some rain. the big news is, much cooler temperature in behind it. >> thank you, doug. > coming up at 11:00, the westboro baptist church is the one that has made all the headlines for that small church's protest of military furals throughout the country. now it has its sights set on a local high school play. also, a woman mourning the did he of her pet now has has to deal with the loss of its remain after a pet cemetery driver didn't realize his back door was open.
6:59 pm
nato and sam were two little boys who live in suburban seattle will their fathe has been deployed to afghanistan since last november. >> thank you for everything you've done. we're going to be aamily again. >> their dad matt, the boys knew he would be home by christmas. or if they were really lucky, by thanksgiving. he was able to make it by veterans day but they didn't know that he embedded the surprise in a video from jalalabad. >> i've got a better idea. just stay right there for a minute. where my boys? >> you cannot replace that look on their faces. their moer said she's watched both her son grow in courage while they've gone through year-long accept vag


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